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Delta Sigma Theta Greeting Cards

Delta Sigma Theta Greeting Cards

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A Devastating Diva 5-Pack

This new 5-pack variety of ΔΣΘ greeting cards is a pack designed to celebrate the spirit and legacy of Delta Sigma Theta, with a touch of artistic beauty inspired by the renowned African American painter, William H. Johnson. This pack includes: one Founders' Day card, one Happy Birthday card, one Congratulations card, one Thank You card and one Thinking of You card. Each card in this set is a masterpiece on its own, capturing the essence of the Delta Sigma Theta values and milestones.


  • 5 cards
  • 4.25" x 5.5" (10.8 x 13.9 cm)
  • Matte finish
  • White envelopes

Founders' Day: Immerse yourself in the rich history of Delta Sigma Theta with a Founders' Day card that pays homage to the visionaries who laid the foundation. Featuring distinctive African American art, this card radiates elegance and honors the legacy of the ΔΣΘ's founders.

Happy Birthday: Celebrate the joyous occasions of ΔΣΘ members with a Happy Birthday card adorned with vibrant colors and lively compositions reminiscent of William H. Johnson's signature artwork. This card is a visual feast that brings warmth and festivity to every birthday celebration.

Congratulations: Elevate moments of achievement with a Congratulations card that reflects the triumphs of Delta Sigma Theta. Inspired by William H. Johnson's artistic flair, this card is a testament to the dedication and success of ΔΣΘ members in various endeavors.

Thank You: Express gratitude in a profound way with this ΔΣΘ Thank You card, featuring a design inspired by the nuanced brushstrokes and cultural motifs found in William H. Johnson's masterpieces. This card is a heartfelt expression of appreciation for the support and camaraderie within the ΔΣΘ community.

Thinking of You: Send warm thoughts and affection with a Thinking of You card that encapsulates the spirit of ΔΣΘ unity and sisterhood. The artistry in this card reflects the beauty of black sisterhood through vivid and engaging imagery, making it a thoughtful gesture for any Delta Sigma Theta member.

Embrace the profound heritage of Delta Sigma Theta with this 5-pack of greeting cards. Perfect for commemorating special occasions and strengthening the bonds of sisterhood within the ΔΣΘ community. Celebrate, congratulate, and express your heartfelt sentiments with these uniquely crafted cards that stand as both a tribute to Delta Sigma Theta and the beauty of black art.

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