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Mail It For Me Greeting Card

Mail It For Me Greeting Card

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The card you keep.

The personalized Mail-It-For-Me™ greeting card is a thoughtful and beautiful expression of the sender's sentiments. From the custom name cutout, to the handwritten heartfelt message and signature, every aspect is carefully curated to make the recipient feel genuinely special.


  • Recipient's name on front
  • Handwritten heartfelt message
  • Handcrafted artwork and design
  • Purchaser's signature
  • One-of-one decorative envelope
  • Outer manila envelope with calligraphy
  • USPS Priority Mail™ postage directly to recipient


At checkout, please place your mobile number in "Contact" for contact via text to be made to gather the following information:

  1. Name & address of the sender
  2. Name & address of the recipient
  3. Sender's relationship to the recipient
  4. Occasion and/or sentiment of the card


The front of the greeting card is a beautifully crafted design, featuring an elegant and eye-catching layout. At the center, the recipient's name is intricately cut out, creating a unique and personalized touch. The name is surrounded by delicate embellishments, patterns and artistic details that enhance the overall aesthetic.

Opening the card reveals a handwritten heartfelt message tailored to the occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or another special event, the message is warm, sincere, and specific to the recipient. The words are carefully chosen to convey the sender's feelings and best wishes. The purchaser's signature is prominently displayed, adding a personal and authentic touch to the card. The signature is handwritten in a stylish and distinctive manner, making it a memorable part of the overall design.

The card is handcrafted with high-quality textured paper, premium inks and markers. The materials add a tactile element to the experience. The color scheme is carefully chosen to complement the occasion and the recipient's preferences. The craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the precision of the name cutout to the smoothness of the handwritten penmanship.

The card is carefully placed in a one-of-one envelope that complements the design. The outer mailing manila envelope is sealed with care, with the sender’s and recipient's names and addresses elegantly written in calligraphy. This attention to detail extends the personalized experience from the moment the recipient receives the card in the mail.

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