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Phi Beta Sigma Greeting Card

Phi Beta Sigma Greeting Card

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Culture for Service, Service for Humanity.

The Phi Beta Sigma fraternity greeting card is a thoughtful and symbolic expression of ΦΒΣ brotherhood and camaraderie. This handcrafted one-of-one card and complimentary unique envelope serves as a meaningful gesture that honors the recipient's connection to this esteemed fraternity.


  • Handcrafted artwork honoring ΦΒΣ
  • ΦΒΣ founding year
  • ΦΒΣ motto
  • One-of-one complimentary decorative envelope         

The Phi Beta Sigma fraternity greeting card is adorned with the distinguished founding year associated with the fraternity. The ΦΒΣ motto is prominently handwritten, exuding a sense of pride and tradition. The fraternity's iconic colors, royal blue and pure white, are elegantly handcrafted into the design, creating a visually striking and recognizable card.

The intentional design features space for a warm and personalized message tailored to any occasion, and space for the sender to add their signature, demonstrating a personal connection to the recipient. Whether it's a welcome, congratulations, or celebratory message with words carefully chosen to resonate with the fraternity's ethos, this card is perfect for any occasion. 

Handcrafted with attention to detail, the card is created on high-quality cardstock that not only feels substantial but also showcases the fraternity's colors vibrantly. The design elements are precise, ensuring the ΦΒΣ imagery is crisp and impactful. The overall aesthetic reflects the fraternity's legacy and commitment to excellence.

The one-of-one handcrafted ΦΒΣ card is enclosed in a matching envelope that prominently displays the fraternity's aesthetic, adding a touch of formality and attention to detail.

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